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Write The Future Today!

Write The future today!

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Write The Future with Fearless Ideas 

Your support is critical as the Bureau of Fearless Ideas nurtures the future writers and artists of Seattle!

It's an exciting day at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, and we're reaching out to friends like you. We're facing some challenging times, with national drops in charitable giving and the squeeze from inflation, yet there's a silver lining. Our programs are thriving with an incredible 80% surge in after-school student enrollment, we've successfully worked with  473 students in 23 classrooms across 7 different Seattle Public Schools in grades 1 - 8, and we have a library of 26 new student publications! 

We're inviting you to be a part of this creative journey. Your donation to BFI doesn't just support, it transforms. It helps turn aspirations into real-life achievements for Seattle's up-and-coming authors.

Invest in Seattle's future authors with a donation to BFI. Your generosity fuels free, vital programs that turn big dreams into big achievements.

  • $2,500 – Funds a semester of tutoring for 10 students 

  • $1,000 – Enables weekend writing workshops for 20 students, unlocking new possibilities for creativity.

  • $750 – Trains 10 new volunteer tutors or supports teaching artists to broaden our reach.

  • $500 – Sponsors a student for a week of summer writing camp, nurturing storytelling skills.

  • $250 – Empowers teens with paid internships.

  • $100 – Supplies a classroom with the resources to inspire creativity.


Empower future authors. Support the stories yet to be told.


College Crash Course Program

This fall, we launched the College Crash Course program, sparked by a student's request for assistance with their college entrance essay. They had seen others succeed in our programs and wanted to ensure their own success. Our incredible Mr. Roberto, Program Manager at Yesler Terrace, stepped up to help and soon discovered a group of seven young men of color from the neighborhood who also needed guidance with their personal essays.

Starting in mid-October, Mr. Roberto dedicated several days a week to work closely with these young men. Their aim was to create essays that resonated with readers, showcasing their unique stories. Over the course of six weeks, they crafted multiple drafts, honed their storytelling skills, and received both one-on-one and group support. During this time, they formed a tight-knit community, sending group texts, emails, and meeting up to encourage each other throughout this deeply personal essay-writing journey. As Tommy, one of the participants, put it, "the community part is such a huge part of this program. You gotta focus on and build a community. We need to trust each other."

What's truly remarkable is that they designed this program themselves, becoming the authors of their own stories because they believed in BFI's impact. They knew that Mr. Roberto could help bring their stories to life, and they wanted to make sure others in their neighborhood had the same opportunity. As they eagerly await responses from their chosen colleges, including the University of Washington, Seattle (their dream school), they reflect on the importance of the community and support they found here.


Tommy added, "People should know that everybody has a story, and that each story is unique in its own way. Mr. Roberto can bring that story out of you. People in this neighborhood have lots of backgrounds and have lots of stories, and Mr. Roberto can help bring their story out. He can help your writing and story to touch a reader. If that's what you're looking for, then you should come to BFI."

The College Crash Course program is entirely free, thanks to the support of our community members and partner organizations.

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