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Fearless Writers: Days of Service!

What a great 2nd week with our Fearless Writers! Bureau of Fearless Idea alum Hana and teen leads Danny, Tselot and Leone pitched in to discuss MLK Jr during our 6th Annual Day of Service event (on zoom)!

After checking in and sharing some things that made us smile, Hana and Danny led a discussion about what we already know about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the Civil Rights Movement, and then we watched this short video to learn some more. Leone helped us reflect on our current superpowers and think about how we can be superheroes every single days in our communities!

Some of our many superpowers below:

Cook food to feed the hungry

Donate to save the rainforest

If someone is being bullied I can stand up for them

I’m great at crafts and can give my art to my brothers

Use my art to make protest art or can help protest

I am a writer who can make people smile with surprise cards in the mail

Playing piano for people

I smile at people who are having a rough day

I am a good listener, so help people work through problems

I enjoy giving compliments to people

My writing- I can help the community by writing kind notes

I write in the school newspaper, and I often try to spread meaningful information about current events

especially to the school community :D

My superpower will be to make snow balls because kids love snow.

I can make art and putte it in place’s that aren’t that pretty 🤩 or welcoming or clean 🧼

My art can make money and hope and ideas

I always try to make someone laugh even if I don't know them

What a great group of superheroes!

Wrapping up, Tselot introduced us to the 2022 MLK Days of Service Challenge (below), and challenged us to think about how we could be kind, not just on MLK day, but every day. We’ll check back in a few weeks and see what kind activities our Fearless Writers have been up to; they’re sure to have an outsized impact. For now, consider taking the 2022 Days of Service challenge yourself!

Until next time,

Davida (Fearless Mentor)


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