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Year end giving


Young people are often told what their future story should be based on where they grew up, who their ancestors were, what schools they attend, what languages they speak, and where they call home. At the Bureau of Fearless Ideas, we provide the space for young people to (re)write their future each and every day. Through kindness, creativity, and fearlessness, every young person becomes the author of their own future. 


With the support of donors like you, Fearless Ideas helps young people find their voices and tell their stories, whether that’s a piece of fiction, poem, letter, essay, article, graphic novel, podcast, video, interview, quilt, map, art project, musical composition, or any other medium they connect with. Through workshops, in-school programs, and after-school programming at two locations, we encourage the leaders of the future to find their voices in a way that befits them and their personal stories. 


Be kind, be creative, be fearless. Help support the leaders of tomorrow (re)write their futures. 

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