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Word Explorers # 4: Writing the Poetry of Your Story

Hello again, fearless community!

This week, the Word Explorers were all about poetry! We kicked things off by writing a feel-good poem — a small 3-5 word poem or phrase that makes you feel good when you read it! Check out some of these micro-poems and see how good they make you feel! Maybe even try writing one of your own!

"Happy sunny day, sun shining"

"Cats are cool"

"Yellow yapping Yorki"


"Corgis sprinting across the desert"

"Dragons fight intensely"

We listened to two poems by Elizabeth Acevedo, author of The Poet X and other works. In her poems "Names" and "Hair," Acevedo uses part of her identity to tell something about her story. In our reflections, we talked about why poetry was a powerful way to do this, including that it can use strong and descriptive words, and can play with sounds, (like rhyming) to pack a punch!

Then we tried writing our own poems and Wow! These Word Explorers were super creative and fabulously fearless when it came to writing their stories in poetry. We can't wait for you to hear these powerful, poetic voices! We will host a virtual Word Explorers Open Mic event soon and will be sure to share student stories here soon.

Until next time,

Rachael (Fearless Ideas Writing Mentor)


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