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The Fearless Times

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This guided visualization (which is like a meditation combined with a guided adventure for your imagination) is from the latest copy of our creative at-home activity book, THE IDEA BOOK.

Visualizations are great ways to uncover and energize your storytelling inspiration. In this one, you’ll imagine that YOU are a PLACE, and explore your “Inner Landscape”! Listen (by playing the video below) and imagine along with “Mind Guide”, Bryan. When you’re done, draw and write what you visualized on the pull-out map in your Idea Book; in other words, MAP YOUR IMAGINATION! See what stories come to life!

Don’t have an Idea Book? Reach out to us ( to get one for yourself or for the young people in your life (we have free copies for classrooms too). Or, in a pinch, just grab a piece of paper and write (or draw) what you visualized. This prompt is inspired by another writing prompt by author Jason Reynolds (National Ambassador of Young People’s Literature). You can find that prompt and other amazing prompts at Be bold, use your imagination, and have fun!


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