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The Fearless Times

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Fearless Ideas is here (virtually)!

We are in this together.

Our world, our routines, and our expectations of normalcy changed overnight.

Here at Fearless Ideas, we have been wondering, day after day, how do we support our wonderful community? A community that until now, has primarily existed through in-person learning adventures.

We have been spinning right along with you as we try make sure that our family, our friends, and our finances can weather this unprecedented time. We feel worry and sometimes we feel scared. We also feel hopeful and we are seeing kindness sprouting up all around us.

We are excited to launch The Fearless Times online! This will be our virtual meeting place to share to our created and collected resources to support all things learning, creativity, and community.

Before we being, let's review our community agreements:

  • We will be kind to ourselves and to each other.

  • We will be creative. We are going to try many things during the next few weeks and we might change course several times.

  • We will likely make many beautiful mistakes and learn from them.

  • We will be fearless. We are going to acknowledge our feelings through writing and creativity.

  • We are going to create together, just apart.

  • We are going to write. Sharing stories always has and always will hold us together.

  • We will have fun and will laugh.

EVERY Tuesday check back here for Fearless Ideas that will inspire creativity, community and connection.

FOLLOW us on instagram @fearlessideas and our facebook page, @bureauoffearlessideas

The Fearless Times is NOT just for our students. It is also for our volunteers, our parents, and our colleagues. It is a source to be shared far and wide to uplift all humans who are struggling to make sense of our new learning environment.

The Fearless Times is just as much yours, as it is ours. Send your ideas, suggestions, and feedback to

This may be the start of our most epic adventure together. See you here next week!

In kindness, creativity, and fearlessness,

Your Fearless Ideas Community

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2020. ápr. 17.

How exciting! I can't wait to see more

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