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We're adjusting our plans for the fall with each new covid-19 development!


A Great Way to

Volunteer Internships

Volunteer Internships

Get Involved

Get Involved

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Embark on an

Working or studying

to reach a goal or earn academic credit toward a degree? Maybe there's a specific project that might contribute to thesis work, help develop a skill, or advance your professional pursuits? If your studies, projects, or pursuits can benefit from our programs while contributing to our mission, then an internship may the perfect path.
While we do not offer paid internships, as an intern you'll receive valuable training and mentorship from experienced staff, academic credit, a possible letter of recommendation, and often have the opportunity to focus on a worthwhile project–of either our design or yours–through to completion. 

"What made this internship unlike others was feeling like I had joined a community."

 -Max Kapur,

Fearless Ideas Intern,

Fulbright Scholar


We respectfully ask for your patience and encourage you to check back often, especially as social distancing restrictions begin to loosen. In the meantime, please know that we are grateful for your interest and generosity–we hope to see you in person soon.

To learn about ways we're responding and adapting during hte COVID-19 Pandemic, click HERE

Once you've taken a moment to consider the internships described below, submit a curriculum vitae or resumé along with a cover letter that describes:
...which of the below Internships you're seeking.
If you plan to design your own internship, describe how it will intercept with existing programs and contribute to our mission. this internship will be meaningful to you, how you'll evaluate its success, and why you feel Fearless Ideas is the organization best suited to help you reach your goal.
...the proposed duration and the weekly schedule. If your schedule is yet unknown, tell us about conflicts you know of or anticipate having. (Take a look at our programs schedule.)
Send your Internship Request materials to or mail them to:
Internship Request
c/o The Bureau of Fearless Ideas
PO Box 30764
Seattle, WA 98113

As with all members of the Fearless Ideas community, volunteers and interns are expected to act in accordance with the values described in our Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity Statement.




Writing Instruction and Revision Internship
Interns will work with either or both our Field Trips Program and/or our In-School Program to learn the methods and techniques of teaching writing and revision to students in a class context or classroom setting. Working alongside the Field Trips Program, interns will learn about teaching the foundations of creative writing and creative collaboration to elementary students. Working with the In-School Projects Program, interns will have the opportunity to work in the classroom, helping to support a teacher's curriculum and teach critical thought and writing revision to middle and high school students.
Educational Theory and Practices Internship
Interns will work in After-School Programs at either or both our Greenwood and/or Yesler Terrace locations. Interns will learn techniques for creating a culture of trust, mindfulness, and community in the education space and how to implement Social Emotional Learning and Growth Mindset philosophy in student interactions. These philosophies and practices are deployed differently at each location in response to the communities they serve, interns will be matched with the environment style of implementation that best suits them and the goals stated in their cover letter.
Typographic Layout & Book Design Internship
Interns well versed in Adobe Creative Cloud–specifically InDesign– will work with our Creative Director to help design cover art and/or layout for chapbooks, zines, newspapers and maybe even full-length anthologies of work by our young authors (and sometimes a few famous authors, too). Publications range from 40-page chapbooks printed in limited runs of about 50 to a 200-page anthology printed in runs of about 500. Fearless Ideas prides itself on producing lovingly designed books that serve as lasting and meaningful artifacts to elevate the voice of our young authors.
Non-Profit Growth & MGMT. Internships
Interns interested in understanding the operational systems, budgeting process, and growth strategies involved in running a non-profit organization will work under our Operations Manager and our Development Director. The internship will include helping to create budgets, write grants, understand management, and operational software. No systems or software experience is necessary.

More Ways

More ways

to Volunteer

There are

Volunteer in one or more of our programs. Base involvement on your interest, skill set, location or schedule.


A great way to pull together as a team, use your collective expertise, or supply a burst of people power! Have your group's point person, complete a


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