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We're adjusting our plans for the fall with each new covid-19 development!

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Support US


For donors willing to


The esteemed publisher

of every chapbook written by our students (and our unofficial mascot), Mr. Geoduck is perhaps the most distinguished member of the Fearless Ideas community. The clam that bears his namesake is also one of the world’s most prized mollusks and able to burrow over three feet deep. In fact, the name geoduck is derived from a Lushootseed (Nisqually) word gʷídəq, which some say loosely translates to “Dig Deep.”


For all these reasons, it only makes sense that our most distinguished and prized donors who are willing to dig deepest each fiscal year get to count themselves as members of...

Geoduck Society Logo-Black Knockout.png

Membership in the Geoduck Society is automatic when you make a donation valued at 1,000 clams (aka, $1,000) within a fiscal year–pay at once or break it into monthly installments! As a member of the Geoduck Society you will receive:


  • A personalized “Welcome to the Society” packet with an enameled Geoduck Society lapel pin, instructions on how to perform the Secret Geoduck Society Handshake, and a personalized letter from Mr. Geoduck himself.

  • Invitations to exclusive Geoduck Society events.

  • Advanced discounted ticket sales to our annual glamorous fundraising gala extravaganza, People Eating and Giving.

  • A Free copy of What to Read in the Rain, our perennial anthology of famous and not-yet-famous writers from the Fearless Ideas community

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