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YES FEST! Populace, Party, and Pizza

Updated: Jan 14, 2022

Welcome BFI community to YES FEST! YES FEST was a Yesler Terrace information distribution block party on August 6th (and continuing on August 27th). Community organizations, such as Yes Farm and the Multimedia Resources and Training Institute (MMRTI) set up their own booths and handed out pamphlets, goodies, and more. YES FEST ran from 4-6 with music, food, and lots of youth from the community. You can find a video of what YES FEST looked like on MMRTI's Facebook page here.

On the ground, YETI interns had this to say about what YES FEST meant to them:

"Friends, family coming together and having fun"

At our very own BFI booth, YETI interns lead activities using the Seattle Public Library "Summer of Learning" poster. YETI guided community youth on ways they could use the poster at home and pointed out interesting prompts, coloring activities, and resources offered on the poster. We also gave space for people to work on the poster at our station, such as coloring or writing poetry using one of the prompts.

Our own YETI intern, Layla, also showed off her drumming skills in a drumming circle in the center of the festival. Adding rhythm and music to the event, the Girls Group from BFI Yesler demonstrated what they had been learning during the summer.

YES FEST was a fun, light-hearted, open space to provide resources to the Yesler Community. The event ended with groups of youth still playing on the basketball court and parks. As the BFI page described it, "the new Yesler Terrace festival of gather to laugh, share beauty, make space for each other's stories and heal."

Enjoy a slideshow of YES FEST photos below!

Until next time,


This post was written and editor by Tuyetlam, Yesler Education Team Initiative Intern


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