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The Fearless Times

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Yesler Girls Group

Hi Fearless Fam! Allow me to present to you: Yesler Girls Group! Girls group is a safe, community space for the young girls in the neighborhood, meeting 4-6 on Wednesdays and Fridays. During their time in the group, the girls do creative activities such as African drumming, dance, and more!

Ms. Summayah, the group facilitator, taught African drumming and dance. It was a lot of fun learning the rhythms and steps to the beat. The best part was playing as a group! When all the drumming was in sync, the room was full of sound and energy. I loved talking and learning from the girls in the group. There is a very strong sense of comradery established, and everyone is supportive, creating a strong network.

The girls also did introspective activities, such as journaling and creating vision boards. Some journaling prompts were "I am" prompts and continuous writing. The "I am" prompt is writing down aspects of yourself, such as "I am strong", or things that you want to be, such as "I will be focused this school year." Continous writing is when you don't stop writing for a set amount of time. Your pen is constantly moving, even if you have nothing to write about.

The vision boards the girls made were beautiful. The girls cut imagines from magazines and pinned them onto the boards. They included future careers, current emotions, and showcased their feelings and creativity. Each board was unique, just like how every girl is unique.

I wish I had gone to girls' group sooner, but I had a great time while I was there. The girls created a welcoming, high-energy place for themselves and for their community.

Until next time,


This post was written and editor by Tuyetlam, Yesler Education Team Initiative Intern


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