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Word Explorers, Week 2

Word Explorers is a group of writers in 5th-8th grade who meet weekly on zoom to explore their ideas and feelings through reading and writing.

This week, the Word Explorers talked about what it means to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. Day and why it's still important to show up in our communities and act with kindness.

Longtime Fearless Ideas student, Tselot, joined us to share the 2022 MLK Days of Service Challenge and some ideas about how we can all perform creative acts of kindness every day! We heard some great ideas from students who have participated in the challenge before — like gift wrapping a book for the mail carrier (and leaving it in the mailbox as a surprise), taking flowers to a cemetery to place on graves, or picking up trash in your neighborhood. Word Explorers know that words matter. Together, we kicked off the Days of Service Challenge by writing positive notes for someone to find, and talked about how sharing kind words with a stranger, a neighbor, or a community or family member can ripple out to make a big wave. Small words can have a big impact. Here are just a few of the positive word that were written! Students also wrote longer notes to share with people in their lives. “You’re awesome!”

“You are cared for.”

“You can be whoever you want.”

“A good neighbor is a welcome blessing.”

“If you’re feeling down then you’re not alone.”

“Thanks for spreading sunshine through the neighborhood.”

“You matter.”

Want to join the 2022 MLK Days of Service Challenge, too? Download the image below!


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