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MLK Day- Living in Kindness

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Today is Martin Luther King Jr Day! Here at Fearless Ideas, we will be celebrating our 6th Annual Day of Service! This beloved tradition was started by Hana, a student leader who wanted to offer a way for younger students and families to learn, engage in their Fearless Ideas community, and to give back to the greater community. Over the years we have partnered with YouthCare several times to learn about homelessness and inequality in Seattle and create care packages for people in need. Last year, due to the pandemic, we hosted a virtual event for students and families. Hana, now an Alumni Network leader, is still involved and works alongside current high school students to make this event happen each year. We are so proud to be continuing the tradition and we are excited to extend an offer to YOU, our greater fearless community, to join us!

Grab some paper and a pen and follow the steps below. Step 1: LEARN the history:

  • What do you already know about MLK and the Civil Rights Movement? Write a list of everything you know (see attachment for student examples).

  • What do you want to learn? Add that to your list.

  • Watch this short video about Civil Rights Movement.

  • Talk about it with your family. Add what you learned to your list!

Step 2: REFLECT on your role in the present:

  • MLK Jr and every other Freedom Fighter was a superhero.

  • Watch and enjoy this music video.

  • Discuss what is your current superpower? (Are you an excellent baker? Do you write the kind thank you notes?)

  • How can your superpower help those around you? How can you make the world kinder each and every day?

ACT every day, starting now:

  • We challenge you to join in our MLK Days Of Service Challenge (below)! Being kind and giving back can't just happen one day of the year. It's up to you to show up in kindess every single day and act in service for those around you.

  • Working with your friends and/or family, complete the challenge sheet below!


  • Share this blog post or this social media post with your friends and family and challenge them to join you, too!

  • After you complete the challenge, ask yourself: What was your favorite part? How did acting in kindness each day feel? Email if you want to share your feelings or any photos of your challenge to be shared on our social media page. Your words will inspire others to give back too!

Have fun! And remember: Be Kind, Be Creative, Be Fearless!

2022 NOTES Day Of Service
Download PDF • 79KB


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