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The Fearless Times

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Fearless Writers- week 3!

We're getting into the flow with our 3rd week at Fearless Writers!

Straight at the beginning, we decided to reflect on last week's important session for Martin Luther King day, led by alum Hana, and talked about what we could do for our MLK Days of Service Challenge.

After that, we decided to quickly draw out our feelings for the day, and share them out. We took a challenge from author Jason Reynolds, who works with graphic novels, and on the topic of art, we then decided to all find a piece of art we'd drawn and liked, and share it with the group! Many of these pieces can be seen below. After sharing our art pieces, everyone was tasked to write a story based on said piece shared. Everyone was able to share at the end, and we can't wait to hear more of them next week!

until next time,

Toa (Teen Mentor)


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