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We're adjusting our plans for the fall with each new covid-19 development!

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Support US

Donor Events




for our convention-defying events, ranging from casual to classy, fun to fabulous. Our donor events are all about celebrating the creativity and quirk of Fearless Ideas, appreciating our fantastic donors, and welcoming new folks into our community of forward-thinking civic leaders who invest in and shape the future of the city. 


Take a look at some of the awesome events we have in store for our donors this year.

Watch Our Online Fundraising Event. 

Join as we look back on this year's odyssey of unexpected adventure!

People Eating, and Giving

Every March, Fearless Ideas is pleased to present People Eating & Givingthe rambunctiously entertaining, glamorous, fundraising gala-spectacular-extravaganza benefiting the Bureau of Fearless Ideas. Every Spring, Fearless Ideas presents you with a delicious dinner from a renown local chef, copious refreshments, and a taste of the secret sauce that makes Fearless Ideas like no other non-profit on earth. Chock full of performances by our dazzling young authors, People Eating and Giving also hosts amazing special guest speakers, artists, and musical guests!

Recent guests include the literary likes of Lindy West, Nancy Pearl, Cat Rambo, Robert Lashley, and Nikkita Oliver; the musical musings of Taco Cat, Ben Gibbard, Erica Anderson, and Dude York​; each at a fabulous location like Block 41, Fremont Studios, and the Museum of History and Industry!


Stay tuned for information on the upcoming People Eating and Giving. Join the Geoduck Society for an opportunity to purchase advance-discounted tickets.

To be added to the invite list so you don't miss the upcoming People Eating and Giving, contact Chris Robinson at

"What to Read in the Rain" Pre-Release

With more than 150 rainy days on average, it's no wonder that Seattle considered one of the most well-read cities in the country. We're celebrating our region's proclivity for literacy by showcasing some of the famous and soon-to-be-famous writers who make up the Fearless Ideas community in the perennial anthology we call "What to Read in the Rain."

The Pre-Release Party is your chance to here contributing authors read from their selections, purchase advance copies of the latest edition (and complete your library with back issues), all while enjoying little fancy finger foods and sipping bubbly refreshments.

 vs. The World

Just becoming acquainted with us? Join us for a pint of craft beer and a rousing game of trivia! Each year we entice local celebrities to match their wits against THE WORLD! Ok, maybe more like a bar full of  Fearless Ideas supporters.  Come and show off your ability to store away weird and useless literary, science and pop-culture facts. Or just sit back and watch as local brainiacs battle to earn a place in the ultimate trivia throwdown!


It began as a friendly backyard tournament of cornhole hosted by Board Member Dior Biancofiori. Today, the CornhOlympics has swept the globe, with countries from every continent staking their national pride in the toss of a beanbag! O.K., we might be exaggerating a wee bit; the CornhOlympics aren't quite THAT big of a deal to that many people, and it's not taken quite that seriously by anybody. But it's seriously big fun and there are prizes and stuff!

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