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The Fearless Times

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Zentangles- a creative way to calm your mind!

Have you heard of Zentangles? They are an easy, calming way to center yourself and create something unique to you!

This week, some members of our Alumni Network met on zoom and they are were surprised to feel how just a few minutes of making zentangle art can change your whole perspective.

Want to try it out?

  1. Grab a black ink pen and a small sheet of paper.

  2. Watch this video. (Just watch, no drawing yet!)

  3. Remind yourself to BE KIND to yourself. There is no wrong way to zentangle. Lean into the process and enjoy it.

  4. Before you start, take note of how you are feeling right now? Tired, stressed, hyper?

  5. Listen to this song and draw until the music stops!

When you are done, take some time to notice how you are feeling in your body now.

Want to share your zentangle with us? email to share!


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