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The Fearless Times

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Writing to Grow Your Unbroken Words

Word Explorers, Week 5

Greetings, Fearless friends!

This week, the Word Explorers gathered for our penultimate session. Over the past weeks, we've written favorite words, feel-good poems, kind notes to strangers, autobiographical book blurbs, hopeful lyrics, and more! With so much in our notebooks, it was a great time to talk about revision. Isn't revision just making corrections and fixing mistakes? you may ask. It can be, but it can also be so much more! In her poem "Hair," poet and author Elizabeth Acevedo says,"You can't fix what was never broken." We wanted to explore revision as a fearlessly creative process that can help you find something new and exciting in your writing. Revision can be a way to go deeper in a piece of writing or to take it in a whole new direction! After practicing revising, and giving compliments and suggestions, as a group, it was time to start digging into our own works to see how we could grow and shape them.

Next week we will host a Word Explorer Open Mic where students will be sharing some of the pieces they've been working on! Before you go, try this calming creative exercise inspired by this podcast episode.

1) Click here to get your music ready.

2) Then, grab your pen and paper.

3) Push play and touch your pen to the paper and start doodling. Don't pick up the tip of your pen until the music stops. For an extra challenge, try it with your eyes closed.

4) Enjoy the feeling of calm and creativty in your body!

Until next time,

Rachael (Fearless Ideas Writing Mentor)

Some doodle examples:


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