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The Fearless Times

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Word Explorers, Week #1

Greetings, Fearless Ideas community!

On Tuesday, January 11, we (Faith and Rachael) kicked off a new creative writing series — Word Explorers! — with an awesome group of new and returning students from grades 5-8.

Our fearless exploring began by sharing a favorite word. Whether because we love the sound of it or what it represents, we love these words!

We shared our feelings about beginning a new year, acknowledging that new years can come with a lot of pressure and expectations. Instead of thinking about how we'd like to change ourselves or what we wish were different going into this year, we made a list of all the things that make us feel happy in our lives right now! Then, after watching and reflecting on Amanda Gorman's poem, “New Day’s Lyric,” we wrote our own lyric, thinking about the year ahead and how we want to feel in each new day.

Words are powerful and these Word Explorers are just getting started writing the opening of a new year together. In the words of Amanda Gorman, "Every day, we write the future. Together, we sign it. Together, we declare it. We share it."

Until next time,

Rachael (Fearless Mentor)


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