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The Fearless Times

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Summit for Creatures Campaigning for a Better World!

This week, some amazing 1st grade authors from Greenwood Elementary worked together to imagine the world of Animal Central (live illustrated by the amazing Camilla Franklin). Animal Central sits between three mountains; one is topped with ice cream, one is a magma-spewing volcano, and one is a misty mountain where magical rainbows touch down every 10,000 years or so. The many creatures of Animal Central love their home, but there are still many issues to be addressed. Luckily, the first graders were around to write amazing speeches advocating for positive changes in Animal Central — from healthier food options (tricky in a land mostly made of ice cream) to greater awareness for dinosaurs. In the end, the Summit was a great success, and the crowd was cheering, “Dinosaurs belong where you belong!” before everyone broke into a final, epic dance party.

Feel free to imagine along with us by printing and coloring in Animal Central. If you‘re up for a challenge, write a speech in the voice of one of the creatures you see to make a case for how to make this imaginary world an even better place!


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