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Summer Zoom-In: Week 1

Hello Fearless Ideas community!

Our four week virtual Zoom-In on Stories for Elementary students and Zoom-In on Writing for Middle School students kicked off today! We had 10 elementary students in the morning class, and 15 in the middle school class. We were so excited to see everyone's smiling faces on camera for programming this week!

We first introduced ourselves, and shared how we each express our creativity. Some answers included:

  • building legos

  • sewing

  • writing

  • drawing in the mud

  • dancing

  • writing

  • illustrating characters

Here's a poem we made about how we express our creativity:

Way to go everyone - these are all such awesome creative pursuits!

We all agreed to our BFI norms of "be kind, be creative, be fearless" and to learn to embrace mistakes! Mistakes are awesome and help us to learn from them so we can be constantly growing and improving :)

We also played a few rounds of Brain Yoga and came up with clever inventions that solved a problem or helped our community in some way. Want to play at home? You can buy BrainYoga here!

Next, we "drew" our names and filled it up with fun facts and info all about us! This included hobbies, our likes/dislikes, etc. Some students used paper, some made digital art. We shared our work - it was awesome seeing all the creative ideas everyone came up with!

We left all our attendees with this challenge: to ask their family about the story of their name, the meaning of it, and why their parents chose it for them. The history of names is so fascinating, and a name we find common today can have its roots dated all the way back to ancient civilizations! We look forward to what students can discover about their own name.

Thanks for joining me for this week's Zoom-In blog! I am so excited to continue to work with such creative and kind students over the next 3 weeks!

Written, edited, and published by Michelle Z.

Fearless Times Summer Intern


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