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The Fearless Times

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#readgreatbooks that Jennifer the Librarian Recommends

Find these awesome books online now for free with your library card @overdrive_libs.

Dragons in a Bag by @zettaelliott (grades 2-5) Jackson gets sent for the day to stay with his grumpy grandma in Brooklyn. Not only does he find out she is not his real grandmother, she is also a witch and she's got three baby dragons in her apartment that need to be safely delivered to a parallel realm!

Meet Yasmin! by @saadiafaruqi (grades preschool - 2nd grade)

Yasmin Ahmend is a spirited, funny and active girl who gets herself into and out of adventures and trouble!

Who Was Bruce Lee? by Jim Gigliotti (grades 3-8)

Learn all about the great marital arts athlete, film star, director and producer Bruce Lee. Check out the whole collection of Who Was? biographies to learn about more interesting people.



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