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March 30: Rain City Rock visits CommuniTEA!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

CommuniTEA is our weekly virtual program where students (2nd to 8th grade) and mentors meet to share feelings, write and create together. Enjoy our CommuniTEA update below:

Last week at CommuniTEA, after joining the meeting and being welcomed in, students that had signed up for the Rain City Rock club (our first attempt at clubs in the virtual world!) went into a breakout room with Mandy and Carly, our guest leaders from Rain City Rock Camp.

Right away, students were thrilled to hear from Mandy and Carly that we're going to be using a platform called Soundtrap to record our stories. We started by exploring identity through a creative exercise where we listed out everything we could think of that makes us who we are. We then logged onto Soundtrap and explored the site. Some people even started recording their stories! We are super excited to continue this fun club next week.

If you'd like to learn more about Rain City Rock Camp and what they do, check out this link that will take you to their website:

Students that stayed in the main meeting spent time drawing and then sharing something they are grateful for. They also explored WindowSwap, a very cool website where you can look out of different people's windows from all over the world, and wrote a story based on what they saw in one of the windows!

This week's tea recommendation: Teavana Peach Tranquility Herbal Tea!

Until next time!

Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Student Mentor

CommuniTEA summary written by Leone


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