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The Fearless Times

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March 2: CommuniTEA!

CommuniTEA is our weekly virtual program where students (2nd to 8th grade) and mentors meet to share feelings, write and create together. Enjoy our CommuniTEA update below:

Last week, we started our creative journey with the BFI Idea Book, which will continue in the next coming months. Click on the link below to read an Instagram post that will tell you more about this amazing book:

Students opened up to the first page of the Idea Book and discovered eight words sitting there: Ideas Are The Dreams We Bring To Life. We spent the next few minutes reflecting and then sharing about what this powerful quote meant to us. Our wonderful thoughts were put into the piece below!

All ideas start as dreams.

They don't come to life unless you yourself create it.

You are what you can dream to be. We can dream, but no one will ever know until we put on a brave face and share what our dreams are.

Now, these are not dreams, but ideas.

New flowering ideas.

Dreams come to me unannounced,

Ideas are what I put into the world.

Anything is possible. Dreams are real things. Dreams are my ideas,

Ideas are the things I do. Dreams are things I feel in my brain. Since dreams can't come to life,

your ideas can.

Dreams are what create ideas. Dreams are Ideas.

Ideas are Dreams.

Students thinking about what the quote meant to them fueled our imagination for the next activity - taking time to relax, be creative with music on and color in the quote on that first page of the Idea Book!

At the very end of the hour, we were invited to think of a dream we have that we want to bring to life. Students shared with the group, and here is another piece made of that!

My dream is to travel the world.

My dream is to finish writing my epic fan fiction (or any book!) My dream I want to bring to life is to make a mini movie for the world to see.

My dream is to travel around the world with all of my friends and family! Then I wouldn't miss any playing time with my friends cause they would all be with me... MWAHAHAHAH!!! My dream is to become an activist and create my own podcast where I talk about pressing matters, and where I stand with them. I want everyone to have a place of they own- a house, a place, a space… I'd like to invent and play the distract-o-phone.

I would like to go back in time to the 5th grade, the best age of my life. I became a writer and a football star. I want to become a I.T. (information technology).

My dream is to become a soccer player.

My dream is I want to finish my Saskia Infect deck in M.T.G.

My dream is to get a dog.

An idea I have is to create a website where I go over the history of Eritrea, the country I'm from. I see not many people know about it so I'd like to tell people about it. I'd code and design the whole website, but have me and 1 or 2 writers help me make a extensive overview of the history of the country.

My dream is to discover another planet.

My dream is to meet Harry Styles and to be one of the best soccer players in the world.

These students are so inspiring. I hope all of their wonderful dreams come to life... and blossom into ideas!

We're so excited to continue turning dreams into ideas in our coming sessions and through using the Idea Book!

This week's tea recommendation: Orange & Spice Bigelow Herbal Tea!

Until next time!

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Student Mentor

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