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July 28: Character Illustration!

Hey Fearless Ideas community!

Our third in-person Wednesday workshop at the Greenwood location this summer was hosted by mother and daughter team, Shruti and Toa. They are both artists and we worked with them to make our very own characters!

As students were welcomed in on Wednesday morning, they were invited to start a list of a variety of settings, such as trees deep in a forest, a serene beach, or a rocket in space. We'll come back to those settings later, when we start illustrating our characters!

We started our time together by playing a round of Exquisite Corpse, which is the same game we played at Create Space last Thursday (it's just a different name!). Students' drawings were fun to see, and it was interesting how each part of the drawing was so different on its own, but when put together, they all looked very fun and creative!

Shruti led us in a drawing lesson after getting settled in, preparing us for making our own drawings later on. We learned about how to draw the skeleton of a person, and how to develop that into a character. We were also able to look at some of Shruti and Toa's creative artwork, which consists of both paintings and digital art!

Students returned to those lists of settings from the beginning of today when thinking of ideas for our character drawings! We brainstormed which setting we'd like to use, and then got to work on our art - first working on a rough draft, and then moving on to the final! After finishing up their art piece, students wrote sentences to go with it, which really seemed to capture the creativity in each drawing.

We shared our drawing with the group before wrapping up the workshop, and it was great seeing all of the wonderful artwork each of us created!

Thanks for reading. Until next time!

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Intern


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