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July 22: Create Space - Part 2!

Hello again Fearless Ideas community!

We had our second session of Create Space last Thursday! We had fun working outdoors, under a tent that was set up behind BFI. As students arrived, our first activity was a fun drawing game called Monster Mash, where you fold a piece of paper into three, pass it around, and have each person draw the head, body or legs of a monster on one section of that paper - without looking at what the other people have drawn! When finished, it was a lot of fun to see the monsters we had made.

We then transitioned into working on the activity that was introduced last week: making our own collages! Lots of students brought in paper that they had cut out beforehand, and we had a bit of time to cut our favorite pictures and words out of magazines during the workshop as well. We spent most of our time working on this project, and everyone's end results looked so amazing and creative when we showed them to the group!

Before leaving for the day, we exchanged collages and were asked to write a short story or poem about the other person's art - what we thought of when we looked at it, or what it reminded us of! Everyone's writing was so unique and it was interesting to read about how each person interpreted someone else's collage.

See our work from throughout the workshop in the pictures above!

Students are excited to have open studio time next week, where they will have a chance to work on any kind of art project they want to!

Until next time!

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Intern


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