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July 21: Storied Snacks + Food Writing!

Hello again Fearless Ideas community!

Students returned to our Greenwood location this past Wednesday for our third in-person summer workshop. It was hosted by Angelica, a local writer, who worked with us in writing about our favorite foods!

Students brought in their favorite snacks, and we used the five senses in a mindful eating activity to explore how each of our foods make us feel and what we think of when we eat it. We then wrote or drew about our food - some students wrote haikus or short stories, and others decided to draw the food as a fictional character of their own! It was so nice to learn about each others' favorite foods and our stories behind them. Foods students brought ranged from licorice, popcorn and Goldfish to spaghetti with meatballs!

To wrap up the workshop, we made a group menu that had each person's favorite food and their writing or drawing on it - as well as the creative name of our restaurant that students worked together to come up with: The Fearless Foodies' World Wide Food on a Sunny Cloud!

Students left the workshop with a delicious treat generously made for us by Angelica - a cup of strawberry bubble tea!

See above for pictures from this creative, kind and fearless workshop.

Until next time!

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Intern


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