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July 15: Create Space!

Hello Fearless Ideas community!

We had our second in-person workshop, Create Space, last Thursday! Create Space is a four week workshop series where we will do a variety of creative activities and games. We are excited to be partnering with Sanctuary Art Center in this series!

We started getting to know each other through some introductions and group activities before moving to our first art project - making worry stones! At BFI, we use worry stones as a mindfulness tool - something that we can hold and fidget with in our hands when feeling worried or overwhelmed. Students made worry stones out of modeling clay and the stones will be ready to use after being baked!

After finishing up our worry stones, we moved into an activity where we wrote about ourselves, using the starting phrase "I am...". We each shared out a couple of lines we wrote and watched them turn into a group poem, where all of our lines were combined using the phrase. See the pictures posted above for examples of students' creative work on their individual "I am..." poems, and our awesome "We are..." group poem!

Our last activity was, literally, a puzzle! Each student received a cut out from a circular white cardboard piece, and were asked to write or draw on it with the things that make up their identity. After everyone finished working on their individual puzzle piece, we worked together to form the circular puzzle, made up of everyone's pieces (see the pictures of this awesome puzzle above)! Students and workshop leaders then talked about what this puzzle could symbolize for our Create Space community - that even though of our puzzle pieces are all different and we each have our own identities, when we all come together, we can create a place where we support and show kindness to each other.

Before leaving, students learned about a challenge they should work on before our next workshop: cutting out things they like from magazines and bringing them in next Thursday, so we can be prepared for making collages!

We're excited to continue this workshop in the coming weeks and connect with each other through the art we make.

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Intern


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