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July 14: Broom Craft!

Hello Fearless Ideas community!

Students were excited to safely return to our Greenwood location and kick off our VERY first in- person summer 2021 workshop last Wednesday!

Michelle, a local broom craft expert, worked with us in making our own brooms and learning about the significance behind them. Although not an easy task, students persevered, had fun, and got the hang of this craft after working and getting help from Michelle and each other when they needed it.

We learned a bit about the history behind broom craft, and talked as a group about what we would want to sweep away using our brooms. Students thought of many different things, ranging from physical things like cobwebs, ants and dust to concepts like hate, unkindness, racism, and self hate. A poem was made using the creative things we thought of, and you can read it on one of the pictures posted above - its title is "Broom Craft"!

Each student was happy to leave the workshop with a creative broom of their own to take home and use for cleaning or to hang as a decoration on the wall!

We were so happy to welcome students back into our physical space and are looking forward to more kind, creative and fearless in-person workshops throughout the summer.

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Intern


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