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Good News Flash: Origin Stories, Part 2

Origin Stories, Part 2 written by members of The Good News Club*


Amina's Origin Story:

I’m from the plant growing on my window sill. From baking and drawing.

I’m from Ramadan and Eid.

I'm from a panda and singing.

I love chocolate cake and lasagna.

I am beautiful me.

Eka's Origin Story

I am from a well-worn paperback of Magnus Chase

From fierce loyalty and comedic chops

I’m from Diwali and Pumpkin picking

From Austin and Joey

I am from marigolds and the soft fur of dogs

I am from 50,000 words written and a freshly sharpened pencil, poised over a sheet of bristol paper

I am from Palak Paneer and lasagna

From a room as blue as the depths of the ocean

I’m from splitting Rice Krispies across the lunch table

I’m from Just A Girl and from curling up on the couch to watch Loki

I’m from Bellevue

Also from India

I am from video games and reading

And I am gloriously me

Ava's Origin Story

I am from the plants on my desk From organizing and coding I’m from baking and having movie nights From Ganma and Mora I am from trees and orchids and tigers I am from cooking From listening to music and climbing roofs I am from pasta and pizza From Phuket I’m from our yearly trips to Thailand From Full House Korean and cute stickers I am from Redmond And from Thailand and China I am from drawing and writing cursive And I am wonderfully me.


Resources to write your own origin stories!

Step 1: Watch this Superheros by Stormzy music video and reflect on your own strengths (ie. superpowers).

Step 2: Listen to this Where I'm From poem written by George Ella Lyon.

Step. 3: Download the PDF below and write your own Origin Story!

OriginStory- Yay All Day
Download PDF • 37KB

*Good News Club is a group of 5th-8th students who spread positivity and good news in their community through reading, writing, and the sharing of stories. They were inspired by the Yay All Day! journal written by author and Fearless Ideas volunteers Asha Myers.*


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