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The Fearless Times

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Good News Flash: Origin Stories, Part 1

Origin Stories, Part 1 written by members of The Good News Club*


Ephrata's Origin Story:

I am from my heater with love and comfort

I am from habesha from dancing and singing

I am from daffodils from pomeranians and small dogs

I am from baking from laughing and smiling

I am from enjira from pizza and salad

I am from my house from green wood park and my bike

I am from my grandma my best friend and neighborhood

I am from jul and the phantoms album and the k pop

I am from america from ethiopia and kansas

I am from love, kindness and I am wonderfully me.

Amir's Origin Story

I’m from my computer

From tech and guitar

I’m from my parents and my friends

I am from lavender and llama

I am from guitar and coding

I am from pizza and lasagna

From my room and my bed

I’m from going to Vancouver

Asha's Origin Story

I am from bluejay fathers from laughter and listening.

I’m from anisette cookies at Christmas and labyrinth building at anniversaries,

from Florence Mitchell and Amy Romaine.

I am from dogwood and poppies and bobcats.

I am from fairy tales, from piano glissandos, and gymnastics.

I am from tacos and sushi...from the pine grove of Hubbard Hills.

I’m from sledding down the stairs, from Say Hey I Love You, from Eden, from Italy.

I am Rosemary Rhubarb Crumble and sky high back flips.

And I am wonderfully me.


Resources to write your own origin stories!

Step 1: Watch this Superheros by Stormzy music video and reflect on your own strengths (ie. superpowers).

Step 2: Listen to this Where I'm From poem written by George Ella Lyon.

Step. 3: Download the PDF below and write your own Origin Story!

OriginStory- Yay All Day
Download PDF • 37KB

*Good News Club is a group of 5th-8th students who spread positivity and good news in their community through reading, writing, and the sharing of stories. They were inspired by the Yay All Day! journal written by author and Fearless Ideas volunteers Asha Myers.*


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