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Good News Flash: News from Home

Good News from Ezana:

Thanksgiving break is coming up and I'm so excited! I got to take my ukulele home, and I get to practice at home for my Christmas Concert that is coming up. In December it MIGHT snow, but it WILL snow in February. My Dad is applying for a job at a Library, I think it’s the Greenwood Library. Maybe he can start the job in January. My Mom is getting a new job, too and will probably begin after the holidays!


Good News from Christian:

Plenty of Good News to Go Around! My mom's hand was kinda burned, but now she's fine, like UNBURNED! And two weeks ago, we had free dress day at school, and next week we have no school, which is so exciting for me because I can already predict what I am going to do! I get to take my ukulele home from school (just like Ezana!), so I am going to practice a lot with it. Then I'm going to celebrateThanksgiving with my family by eating cake and having fun with my friends.


*Good News Club is a group of 5th-8th students who spread positivity and good news in their community through reading, writing, and the sharing of stories. They were inspired by the Yay All Day! journal written by author and Fearless Ideas volunteers Asha Myers.*


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