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Fearless Writers- week 4 &5!

Hello! Toa, teen mentor here for another update about our Fearless Writers virtual program!

Week 4 at Fearless Writers was all about LOVE. After watching this short video from author Jason Reynolds. We reflected on all that love could possibly mean. There's familial love, romantic love, and platonical friendships as well. We thought of examples of what we love in our own life. We drew a large heart and filled it with love- things, places and people that we love or our favorite moments with love. Then we started writing some poetry about love! Enjoy a few examples below:

Christian wrote:

"Now let me tell you about love. Love is something you feel, not touch. A weird thing happens when you get loved. It’s pleasant and feels safe. Love is a good thing. It’s more friendship. It’s hard to explain. I love my cousins, dad, mom, auntie, uncle, grandpa, grandma, sister, brothers, and all my friends, too. Love is amazing! ❤💕💖😘😍"

Andy wrote:

"Love is when someone cares about you.

Love feels like someone is being kind to you.

Love makes you feel good.

Love helps you calm down when you are stressed.

Love makes you smile when you are frowning.

Love is snuggling your family.

Love is hugs and kisses.

When you are sad, love brings you joy.

Love is kind!"

Week 5 was all about revision! As usual, we started the session by reviewing out Fearless Ideas Community Values (be kind, be creative, be fearless) and then reflect on alll the writing we have done together during the past four weeks. We choose are favorite piece to improve and revise. Some people chose their "I Am" poem or bubble map, or the Superhero prompt they did on MLK Day of Service. Others chose how to explain love to a magical pet, or their response to a favorite piece of art. We all picked a title for our piece and then spent some time revising them in preparation to share next week at our final session, the Fearless Writers Open Mic!

See you again next week!

Toa (Fearless Ideas Teen Mentor)


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