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The Fearless Times

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Fearless Ideas Meets Fearless Science

Greetings from the Bureau of Fearless Ideas!

It’s Bryan (Program Manager at Fearless Ideas, friend, fall hiking enthusiast). I hope you all are doing so well as the school year gets going.

I wanted to stop by to share some new writing workshop opportunities that I’m really excited about:

This October, the Bureau of Fearless Ideas is joining forces with the superteam of scientists and science communicators from Fred Hutch Cancer Center to host four Saturdays of writing workshops combining science, health, community, and creativity. We’ll host two workshops per week, our “Beyond the Lab: Science Writing Saturdays” series for students in grades 3-5, from 10am to noon, and “Your Voice on Health, Science, & Community” a how-to series for teens on writing Op-Eds. Each session will be led by the amazing educators, artists, and scientists from Fred Hutch along with Fearless Ideas staff and writing mentors. We’ll meet at the Bureau of Fearless Ideas Greenwood location (8414 Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98103) with a potential field trip to Fred Hutch (TBA).

You can read more information below about each workshop, and/or head to our website (link below) to learn more and apply!

I hope to see you all soon, and I’m wishing you a magical autumn of adventures regardless.

Yours in fearlessness,



(w/ Fred Hutch Cancer Center)


DATES/TIMES: Saturdays: October 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th; 10am to Noon

LOCATION: @ Bureau of Fearless Ideas Greenwood (8414 Greenwood Ave. N.)

DESCRIPTION: Are you a young person who loves science, or who’s curious about how the world works? Do you also happen to be a storyteller? Do you like to have fun and also use your powers for good to make the world a better place? If you answered yes, or YES-YES-YES to the above questions, then join our super squad for four Science Writing Saturdays in October where we’ll work alongside scientists and science communicators from Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center to learn about the research that goes on in their labs (right here in Seattle!). We’ll go on creative storytelling adventures into the body (using models and imagination) each week to explore and write about things like DNA, mutations, the immune system, and more. No lab coats needed, just YOU, your courage, and your curiosity!


How to Write an Op-Ed

with Fred Hutch Cancer Center & the Bureau of Fearless Ideas

GRADES: 8-12

DATES/TIMES: Saturdays: October 8th, 15th, 22nd, & 29th; 2pm to 4pm

LOCATION: @Bureau of Fearless Ideas Greenwood (8414 Greenwood Ave. N.)*

DESCRIPTION: Is Climate Change affecting health outcomes in your community? How is DNA used to exonerate the wrongly accused? How do we make COVID-19 research more equitable? In this month-long workshop in collaboration with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, we’ll explore the science and health topics that motivate us to take action in our own lives and communities. Then we’ll work with science writing mentors from Fred Hutch and Fearless Ideas to craft powerful OP-ED pieces to publish and share with the world. Each student will leave with an original piece of writing to use as a writing sample for applications, and moreover, to effect change and write the world we want to see!


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