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Fearless Idea #5720: Write a Love Letter to a Taste

Today's fearless idea comes from Fearless Ideas tutor, writing mentor and Open Mic Club leader, Angelica Lai (@punsonaplate). Angelica is also an amazing writer over at Parent Map and a food writer herself! Today, she invites us to a wordy feast to write a "Love Letter to a Taste", like salty, sweet, umami, bitter, or spicy. Here's how to start: pick one of the elements of taste. Start with a salutation, like "Dear, Sweet...". Then, use second person point of view ("you...") to tell the taste how you were first introduced to them, what your memories are and how you think about them now.

Write your letter to a taste and share it with us by emailing your letters to or by tagging @fearlessideas with #fearlessideasanywhere on social media.

Bon appetit, authors!


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