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The Fearless Times

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Book Beach: Midwinter Break Edition!

CommuniTEA is our weekly virtual program where students (2nd to 8th grade) and mentors meet to share feelings, write and create together. Enjoy our CommuniTEA update below:

Which Seattle beach can you go to in mid-February with all your friends that’s sunny, warm, and relaxing enough to read a book?

On February 16th, it was BFI (now officially Beach For Imagination) Zoomtime. Virtual backgrounds, beachwear, sunscreen and a book were recommended, but we were only required to bring our brightest smiles. It was amazing - hanging out in the sunshine for an hour in my head was a welcome change from being under a foot of snow for three days!

I’m pretty sure we all traveled to somewhere more tropical during meditation and free-write time. It wasn’t hard to get there. Faith took us all to the beach with the short film “Pixar Piper” - it was so cute, my face still hurts from smiling so much!

Now settled in on the beach, we read books for 15 minutes, and just chilled, er, warmed so much we all melted - virtually!

Zoom meetings don't get any better than this! Wonder where we’ll go next week?

This week's tea recommendation: Pomegranate & Raspberry Twinings Herbal Tea!

Until next time. Stay warm out there!

Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Student Mentor

CommuniTEA summary by AL (long time Fearless Ideas Volunteer) and Leone


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