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August 5: Create Space - Part 4 and Gallery Walk!

Hey Fearless Ideas community!

Our fourth and final session of Create Space was last Thursday. Students had time at the beginning of our workshop to finish working on their art project from open studio time last week - or make something new!

We then transitioned into getting ready for our gallery walk. After working as a group to set up the space, families were welcomed in and enjoyed getting to see students' art, as well as learn about the stories behind them and what inspired their work! Seeing everyone's creations on display and the different things they've made over the past four weeks was a lot of fun and the students were clearly so proud to share their creations and writing.

Want to see the student's work yourself? Join us during the Greenwood Art Walk on Friday, September 10th from 5 to 9pm OR Saturday, September 11th between noon and 5pm! Enter through our Greenwood PencilBox store.

Thank you, Create Space community, for our four wonderful sessions of having fun, getting to know each other and making such creative work!

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Intern


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