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August 12: Summer of SOL!

Hello Fearless Ideas community!

Our last in-person summer workshop took place last Wednesday, hosted by us! (Fearless Ideas summer interns, Leone and Michelle). Students used our Summer of Learning (SOL) poster, a collaboration we made with the library and other organizations this summer, to explore a variety of fun activities relating to taking a deep dive into exploring our identities and community.

We began the workshop by heading out for a walk around the block to explore the world around us, using our five senses. Students were encouraged to pay special attention to the variety of sounds, textures, and colors all around us while simultaneously enjoying the fresh air and the sunshine warming our faces. When we returned, students put pens to paper and creatively wrote about what they noticed when we spent time outdoors! We loved seeing what each student observed - from a bird flying overhead, to the sound of a truck tire squeaking, to a certain flower on the sidewalk.

Students then transitioned into our SOL stations, with Leone and Michelle each leading one. At the stations, students worked on an activity from the Summer of Learning poster - one activity being writing or drawing about what happiness looks like to you, and the other being drawing a road map of your identity and the intersections it makes. In Michelle’s station, she read the lovely book ‘Layla’s Happiness’, by Mariahadessa Ekere Tallie, to kick off diving into the “happiness” prompt. Each kid was so engaged in the wonderful graphics and message. In Leone’s station, kids were seen drawing out streets and houses, and labelling their interests and passions on each street to represent their personality and hobbies. Seeing students laughing, smiling and participating throughout the workshop was a lot of fun! We loved seeing their eagerness to explore, and everyone had such creative ideas.

Before students left the workshop, they were invited to share one of their favorite things they created today with our group. Everyone’s work was so creative and fearless, and it was so fun seeing what each student made and where their ideas took them throughout our time together! We ended the time together by presenting each student with a little token and award to take with them, with titles like “Infinite Ideas Award” and “Eagerness to Explore Award”! It was such a pleasure at BFI to host this workshop, and we look forward to seeing each student’s smiling faces in the near future!

Until next time!

Leone & Michelle


Created, Edited and Posted by Michelle and Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Interns



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