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A Poem By Amira!

Enjoy this poem by Amira, poet and longtime Fearless Ideas student, who is going into eighth grade this year!

Hope For My Future Self

I am not a hopeful person

I never thought I needed it

I want to see myself grow

And I hope I grow vastly and beautifully

So I can see the sunsets and never look past them

So I can teach poems and write new ones under the highway

In a Xanadu house with pots of flowers

I want to feel abundant even if I have close to nothing

I want to feel rejoiced with what I have and what I’ve lost

I want to be okay with my own company and nourish my mindset

I want to want to love myself the way I couldn’t before

Because I feel I have lingered at the door of my own acceptance for

Far too long

I'm stepping on the doormat of self love and

Hopefully one day I am confident enough to step far enough

Where I feel comfortable in my own skin and can handle the silent of my self

And all its glory.

Created, Edited and Posted by Leone, Fearless Ideas Summer Intern