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Mr. Geoduck, Editor in Chief of Geoduck Publishing Co. Has a slew a fantastic stories but he can't publish them because they all lead up to a cliffhanger but don't have endings. Judy the Mountain's Big Dream is one of those stories: Judy is the smallest mountain in the range and doesn't have much a view. Thanks to a magic goat, she's able to finally re-locate–but the story ends before we can find out where she goes and what she sees. Each book is accompanied by a heartfelt plea from Mr. Geoduck asking  for someone to read the story up to it's cliffhanger, color in the illustrations, and use the remaining blank pages to give the story an ending with your words and pictures.


Cliffhanger written in a Feasrless DIeas Field Trip by Mrs. Ott's 3rd grade class.

Original Illustrations by David Lasky

Judy the Mountain's Big Dream

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  • Look for all the entire series of Mr. Geoduck's Unfinished Masterpieces books. Each book in the series contains a story up to its cliffhanger, written by a class of Seattle students participating  in one of our Mr. Geoduck Field Trips.