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The Greater Seattle Bureau of Fearless Ideas is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization 

This workbook was deigned especially for a group leader to guide a group of teenage students excercieses in self examination and deifinition, social-emotion awareness, person goal setting techniques, and spark conversations about decision making with increased responsibility. This workbook was created by Fearless Ideas Lead Program Manager Faith Eakin and has been really well received by members of out High School Youth Advisory Board, and their peers. 

Mindfulness Matters-High School Student Workbook (10 Workbooks)

  • Want to check out a single booklet before committing to e 10-pack? No problem! There's also an option on the main product page to purchase just one booklet for $3.00.

    Booklet comes with a brief description of now to use the workbook with your group. The workbook contains website reference addresses for those unfamiliar with SEL and Growth Mindset practices–we highly recommend reading up on these techniques before ordering a 10-pack.