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Things To Do When It's Just You (Resources for No School days)

No school today? Fearless Ideas has you covered!

Below you'll find some awesome at-home writing and storytelling activities for students in elementary through high school

Want to share your stories with us? Email us at with the subject: "No School Days!"


Activity 1: Neighborhood Walk Poetry BINGO! See image below for your bingo sheet and directions.

Activity 2: Window Swap! Step-by-step and printable resources below. (note- you don't have to do all the steps, you can pick and chose your path or invent your own way to use the website!)

1) Go to the website:

(During the pandemic, a couple in Indonesia created this platform where folks from around the world could submit live footage of their own window views, to help everyone feel more connected. )

2) Browse the windows until you find one you'd like to "visit" for some time. It could be a farm in Switzerland, or a high rise view from downtown Taipei. Try a few windows. When you find a window that you love, settle in and imagine yourself at that window. Listen to the sounds. What do you see? What might it feel like there? Would there be smells of food vendors, or maybe farm animals? Fresh rain? (Tip: be sure to save your favorite windows, so that if the website flips to the next window before you are done looking they can get back to them easily)

3) Set a timer for 5 minutes and on a piece of paper (or on the template below) write down all the things you notice in the window frame in as much detail as you can. You can also draw details!

4) Re-read your work. See if you can add more descriptive words (like adjectives and verbs).

5) (optional) Imagine that you are actually there at the window you've been observing. In your imagination, do you live there? Or are you just traveling? If you're traveling, are you visiting a friend? On a journey to somewhere else?

6) Add research! Spend some time learning about the place where your window is located. What languages do people speak there? What are the food traditions? What do people do for fun? For work?

7) Now, write a story about one day in this place. You can write the story with a beginning, middle, and end, or you can write a to-do list from the point of view (POV) of your fictional self (see attached example).



Window swap stories
Download PDF • 304KB

Window Frame Template
Download PDF • 273KB


Enjoy your No School Day creative adventures!



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